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A Quiz on Individual Dental PPO


We'd like to get you started. What does PPO stand for in 'Individual Dental PPO'?

It means 'Preferred Provider Organization', but, really, we don't want to stress you on how the 'PPO' in 'Individual Dental PPO' affects you. Simply put, an Individual Dental PPO allows you to visit any dentist in or out of a dental plan's network. You get reimbursed anyway for the costs of procedures in the Individual Dental PPO network.

The good thing about having an Individual Dental PPO is that you can choose your dentist and premium dental services at reduced rates.

Smart consumers always keep: if you can have it cheap, go for it. It's true even of dental health, and getting the dental plan that provides access to an Individual Dental PPO network seems the best option.

We know there are only so many dentists in the U.S. that you're comfortable with, but of course, you really don't want to pay your dentist more than what you earned that month.
We also know that smart consumers would prefer a dental discount plan provider such as one that offers . We are here to deliver the service that you need.

The real deal on dental insurance plan providers is that insurance plans are rarely offered to individuals; orthodontic treatment is rarely covered; and plan holders have to wait 6 to 24 months to be covered. Even those with an individual dental PPO have these limitations.

The real deal on dental discount plan providers like is that practically anyone can get a discount dental plan; and plan holders may take advantage of the benefits as soon as a plan takes effect. It becomes better with an Individual Dental PPO network. offers three discount dental plans with terms that are at par or even better than what dental insurance plan providers'. Its Plan 2 covers all dental procedures for as low as $18.50 and provides access to an Individual Dental PPO network.

Three dental plans available
Smile, America is saving money!