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Family Dental: A Family Affair

Kerry Heintz is not anymore sure if he's lucky to have married Sally, although she is every inch sexy and beautiful and is a great cook too.

One night, Kerry woke to see Sally in a deep sleep.

"You're very beautiful," Kerry thought," I only wish you're not such a lousy spender."

We know what Kerry is talking about. Kerry just received the his credit card bill and was shocked to see the sheet. We won't tell you what Sally horrendously bought with Kerry's credit card, but Kerry will have to stretch so he can pay the bill. With a dentist's appointment coming up, Kerry doesn't know how he can save on the dentist's fees.

Kerry's thought was interrupted by the sound of an incoming email. It was his mother.
"Dear Kerry,

I just wrote to say that i already have my bridgework. The dentist was wonderful and i got to save on him because your father got a family dental plan just before the appointment. I hope you're going to get a family dental plan so you can save. You can get a family dental plan from this site:


p.s. Lose that credit card. I'll be checking on your family dental soon."

Kerry jumped at the message. How could she have known? We think it's a strong indication of what is called "mothers know best." But Kerry sure is thankful to his mom for the tip on family dental plans. He got a family dental plan from us the very next day and got to save on his dentist's fees when his family dental plan became effective a few days before the appointment.

All he has to do now is lose the credit card. We know Sally won't be too happy about it, but we know she'll be happy about the family dental plan that her husband got. She can spend the savings from their family dental plan on her shopping list.

Three dental plans available
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