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Rowel's Date With a Dental Insurance Company (Agent)

Although he's single and lives comfortably in a bachelor's pad, Rowel Atkerson feels that something is amiss. He was bored with Pooh Bear stuffed toy, his home buddy.

So he signed up for Exotica one day, a personal dating site that offered exotic dates for exotic (real meaning: weird) people. After months of hits and misses (misses for the most part), Rowel finally convinced a 30 year-old blond to meet up with him at a Starbucks café.

There, Rowel was pleased to see that the woman in the picture was the same face he's seen in person.

After the usual round of introductions, Rowel talked to his date a little more at depth.

"So, Harriet. Where do you work?"

"I work for a dental insurance company."

Rowel almost choked on his coffee. He dreaded that Harriet worked for a dental insurance company. Actually, for some reason, Rowel dreads a dental insurance company if it's not Cheap Dental Insurance

Rowel fell silent for a long time. And then the dreaded question came.

"Do YOU have any dental plan from any dental insurance company?"

Rowel cleared his throat. "Yes, as a matter of fact, I do have a plan from a dental insurance company."

"And what dental insurance company would that be?"

"Cheap Dental Insurance . I wanted to get a plan for my Pooh Bear but they wouldn't let me. They said my Pooh Bear can't be covered because he doesn't have any teeth," Rowel paused and bit his nails. "...Oops"

Needless to say, Rowel's date didn't go beyond the Starbucks café. He didn't really like that Harriet works for a dental insurance company that's not his dental insurance company. Harriet, meanwhile, just found Rowel too weird. They said goodbye at the door. Harriet will go on working for her dental insurance company.

As Rowel's dental insurance company, we might just go the extra mile and find him a date - probably a plan holder from the same dental insurance company.

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