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How Bart Got Individual Dental Coverage

Bart Musket was sitting at his computer typing an e-mail when Cookie, his cat, jumped from his lap to the keyboard. He was startled to see that the cat was typing the words individual dental coverage as its paws shifted from key to key.

"I was shocked," and the cat began "to make it even weirder, I've been thinking about getting individual dental coverage online but i haven't really had the time."

Bart took the odd feline behavior as a hint from the universe to get a quote for individual dental coverage right away. No reason to delay getting individual dental coverage. Bart, after all, has been trying to figure out how he can increase his attractiveness quotient since the first time he saw Lara, his next-door neighbor. Lara just smiles benignly at him when they meet each other on the hallway and never really followed on his attempts at conversation.

Bart thought it was his clothes that were the turn-off. Well, they are. But looking at himself at the mirror, Bart figured he should do something about his teeth first. They were too yellow.

"My teeth have taken on a symbolic meaning to me. If they are white, then I am attractive. If they're too yellow, then I need help from an individual dental coverage. But getting an individual dental coverage has always been at the back of my mind because I work two jobs."

But ever since "Cookie the cat" unexpectedly typed in individual dental coverage, getting an individual dental coverage from Cheap Dental Insurance has surfaced to the front of Bart's mind. It even took Bart less than ten minutes, after Cookie's paws typed individual dental coverage, to sign up for an individual dental coverage plan with us.

We understand Bart's reaction perfectly. It's weird enough that his cat typed in individual dental coverage. He really does not want the cat to type in individual dental coverage again. Otherwise he'd really freak out and might not be in the right mind to ask Lara out on a date.

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