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Herb's Affordable Dental Plan Coverage

The coffee was getting cold when Herb finally got around to stirring the mug on his dining table. The start of the day had not been good for him – he cut his himself while shaving and his teeth acted up again while he was brewing coffee on his machine.

The dental scene reminded him so much of that toothpaste commercial for sensitive teeth. He was quite secure about his affordable dental plan coverage. He got it quite reasonably weeks ago, but he's found out he'd have to wait for his coverage to be effective.

He argued for a bit, but ended up only gnashing his teeth and putting down the phone. So much for his dental plan coverage. If only Herb had chosen a plan from… What's worse than not having affordable dental plan coverage is having to wait for his coverage to become effective.

Powered by Eagle Dental Insurance, wouldn't have stressed Herb with any waiting period. That's because he'd be able to get the benefits as soon as his chosen affordable coverage became effective. has individual and employer-based dental plans that give deep discounts on all dental procedures and covers almost all of America's 125,000 dentists. Best of all, there are NO waiting periods for any of these plans.

William Morrison worked hard for this to happen ever since he founded Eagle Dental Insurance in 1962. Having been in the industry for as long as he has, he's sensitive to what Americans want - cheap dental plan coverage that they can right away use, an affordable dental plan coverage that stirs well with their morning coffee.

William is still working hard with his son Daniel, because he wants to provide cheap dental plan coverage to many more Americans. He lives by the philosophy that dental coverage is a must, not an option.