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I recall my best friend telling me that he went to the dentist, got stuck with a tremendous bill and asked the front desk girl if he made a mistake not getting a dental insurance plan. The front desk girl tells my best friend that dental insurance plans are only for people who get the dental insurance through their job. Well, I was fuming. Dental insurance plans have been around for decades and millions of


For a 35-hour week, orthodontists earn a median $365,000 a year, according to the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics.


Dental schools have been criticized for keeping orthodontists in artificially short supply - to keep their incomes high. This is not brain surgery. Orthodontists manipulate teeth -- and often leave much of the adjustment to low paid assistants (whose work they bill for). Keep in mind that "median" means that half of orthodontists earn more money and half earn less. Why are we paying the NBA type fees to a guy who moves your teeth. For 50 weeks a year of work, the orthodontist is pulling in $208 per hour. Maybe the


guy will get ambitious and work a twelve hour day. Gee, the orthodontist earned $2,502 in twelve hours. Every few days the orthodontist can buy a new car.


General dentists earn a less than orthodontists. Since, being an orthodontist takes an additional two years of specialty training. Why are these guys earning so much money and why is dental work so expensive?


Folk, let's not cry over spilled milk. We do have the option to purchase a dental insurance plan that will take a huge bite our of dentists income and save you a ton of money. It is not hard. You are already at We have put together three premier dental insurance choices that encompass the vast majority of American dental providers. Thank you for finding our web site and I personally wish you great success on all your future endeavors.