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Health & Dental Insurance Can’t Kill You!

“Doctor, have you ever thought of buying yourself a health and dental insurance plan? Second, I’ve heard you’ve been seeing too much of your wife lately, is that correct?” OJ asked his dentist hanging his thermos flask on the chair handle.

“Firstly, OJ, I haven’t bought myself a health and dental insurance plan because there’s no need. Secondly, you sad retarded quart of stinky yogurt, why the @#$% does it bother you if I’m seeing my own wife?” The dentist shot back.

“Doc, listen to good advice when it’s given, okay? A health and dental insurance plan is good for you and if you socialize too much with your wife, she may accuse you of murdering her or some stuff like that! By the way, does she have a boyfriend or what?” OJ shot back.

“OJ, you senile mutant ninja turtle, I don’t need no health and dental insurance plan and I trust my wife. So shut up while I check your mouth.” The dentist angrily replied.

OJ flew into a rage and pulling out an ice-knife from his thermos flask, he jabbed the dentist. The dentist fell to the ground. OJ got to work: he wiped his fingerprints, threw the ice-knife on the ground and said, “Doc, now you don’t need a health and dental insurance plan!” Saying that he headed for Interstate 405.

The next day the doctor was found on the floor. The knife was treated with liquid nitrogen, which had covered up the wound nicely. There was no trace of blood, no fingerprints, no weapons (the ice-knife had melted, and its water had dried). OJ was suspected but there was nothing to prove he-dun-it.

OJ’s doctor got up in the middle of the night sweating profusely with fear in his heart. He was DREAMING! But he knew OJ was capable of stuff that such nasty dreams were made of. The next day he bought himself a health and dental insurance plan and divorced his wife.

The moral of this story is that you should always protect yourself from nutcases like OJ. OK, forget him guys, come buy your health and dental insurance plan from us, Y’know, we can give you the best possible health and dental insurance plan policy because we are networked with the best health and dental insurance companies in the business. Go ahead; take a health and dental insurance plan from us; we’ll protect you from OJ!