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Hugh's Family Dental Plans Woe

Hugh Julsees sells family dental plans for us. He doesn't really care much for family reunions. But ever since getting married, he's found himself being forced to attend them – or else he'd be deprived of a wife for the night.


Tonight is another reunion night. It's the birthday celebration of the grandson of his father-in-law's second degree cousin on his mother's side.


Hugh was at the table with Adrastos, his father-in-law, and some septuagenarian uncles-in-law. They were wolfing down zuchinnis with red wine.


Hugh was sipping his second wine goblet when Adrastos tapped him in the back. "So, Hu-wes, when are you giving me a grandson?" Hugh almost spewed out the wine in his mouth. "I don't know, Dad. We're too young for that. But we already have family dental plans."


Adrastos and the uncles fell silent when they heard Hugh. They stared at him for the longest time and then let out a hearty laugh. "Hu-wes, Hu-wes, Huwes. You wanna see your son when you are already my age? And you said you already have family dental plans? You are funny."


Hugh drank the rest of his wine in one gulp and sulked in his chair for the rest of the evening. He asked himself why it was wrong to get some family dental plans ahead of raising children.


At bed time, he talked to his wife.

"Honey, did I do wrong in getting family dental plans before you even
got pregnant?"

"No, honey. I think you made the right decision for getting those family dental plans from ahead of any kids. "

Hugh frowned. "But your father thinks I'm silly for getting family dental plans ahead of kids. I thought I was being smart for getting those family dental plans."


Hugh's wife rested her head on Hugh's chest. "Uhmmm... If you want, we can make a baby now so those family dental plans make sense to him."


Nine months from now, Hugh's family dental plans will make sense.


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