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Avenging with a Dental Care Plan

Kylie Monogue was devastated when she read the email from her boyfriend Olivier.


Olivier, who was vacationing in Greece, was breaking up with her. The message was too rude for her to read.


"I thought i should break this off before you breath gets any worse than it is now. Don't bother calling me when you think I've come back from my vacation. I won't be calling you either. Get some dental care plan, it'll be good for you.



PS don't forget to tell your dentist about your bad breath and your too yellow teeth when you already have a dental care plan."


Kylie cried for months after the email, mostly because she understands Olivier. But she eventually picked up the pieces and got herself a very good dental care plan from Cheap Dental Insurance. She also overhauled her wardrobe and exchanged tacky long sleeved shirts for halter tops with plunging necklines.


It didn't take long before the universe cooked up a conspiracy.


Kylie was waiting for her turn at the dentist's chair with her dental care plan card. She was fumbling with her dental care plan card when the dental care plan card fell on the floor. She was about to pick up the dental care plan card when a heavily veined hand picked up the dental care plan card first. She thought it looked familiar. She almost jumped from her seat when she saw who gave her back her dental care plan card. It was Oliver – he was just as shocked to see her.


Oliver stared at her face before his stared moved to her blouse's plunging neckline. He heavily breathed her name, "Kylie..."


Kylie felt her face flush. She wanted to hit Oliver with her dental care plan card but she restrained herself.


She finally found her voice. "So, what brings you here Oliver? Did you bring your dental care plan with you? I got my dental care plan soon after you emailed me."


Oliver's stare was moving back and forth from her face to her curves...Revenge is on the way.

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