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Dentalcare from Who?

Mia Burrows couldn't contain her elation when she heard the good news – her father was going to pay for her dentalcare while she studies nursing at a local college. The question was, from what company will she get a dentalcare plan? The dentalcare companies she's come across at the Internet seem to offer more or less the same.

Her father never really indicated any preference. Whatever dentalcare company made her happy, he said.

"But I'm not going to stress myself over that," Mia, thought. And so she thought less about it. She was one day shocked to see her friend Katrina on campus. Katrina rarely smiles, but today seemed to be the exception. Her smile was ear to ear.

Mia walked up to her friend.

"You seem to be happy today."

Katrina widened her eyes before letting out a high school giggle. "Oh my god... You won't believe how cute this dentist really is. He cleaned my teeth today."

Mia raised her eyebrows and sympathized with her friend's rare display of happy emotion.

"Really? Oh my God. I was actually wondering where I should get my dentalcare plan from. I'll get the dentalcare plan that has him on the network. Where did you get your dentalcare plan from, by the way?"

"I got my dentalcare plan from"

Shortly after that, Mia got a dentalcare plan from us (the same dentalcare plan that Katrina got). She booked an appointment with Katrina's dentist as soon as she got her dentalcare card.

On the appointed date for dentalcare, Mia got all primed up wearing her
ightest sleeveless blouse and shortest skirt.

Too bad, though. The dentist turned out to be her brother's best friend in college, who used to tease her about her jagged teeth. Well, at least he's giving her dentalcare now, and it can be sweet revenge for Mia if she gets past the fact. We consider it a twist of fate that can only be brought on by our dentalcare.

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