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The Dental Insurance Medical Coverage Game

Starvos Niarchos remembered the day kissed Paris Hilton passionately under the moonlit sky. That was the day when Starvos had bought dental insurance medical coverage from our site In 3 days there was a gigantic tic farm breeding under Steve’s tongue.

Starvos paid a visit to his doctor who told him 2 things: 1) His tic farm needed to be constantly bombarded with nuclear isotopes, and the second news was even more devastating, 2) His dental insurance medical coverage couldn’t get him free treatment because it was only 3 days old and there was a nominal waiting period.

Starvos was sad, but he decided to give it back to Hollywood: He took up a job as a dental insurance medical coverage agent. His plan was simple: He would kiss all Hollywood actresses and spread his tic farm and then sell dental insurance medical coverage to them and watch them suffer as they were refused free medical treatment because their dental insurance medical coverage had a waiting period. His plan for revenge was complete.

Starvos moved into action: First he dated Liz Taylor and found to his chagrin that she had invited 2 hefty guys to the date and Starvos ended up kissing all of them. None of them were interested to buy a dental insurance medical coverage from him, nor did Starvos’ tic farm infect them. Next, Starvos dated Joan Collins and got the fright of his life when she lifted her wig in the middle of a passionate smooch and then proceeded to bite his tongue. She too didn’t buy a dental insurance medical coverage and it seemed that she had handled more extremities in her life than a teensy-weensy tic farm.

Starvos was dejected. In his confusion, he started doing something he had never done so far – he started brushing his teeth and flossing them. In 3 days he found that his tic farm had disappeared and he was a new man all over again. His stint as a dental insurance medical coverage salesman had boosted his confidence!

The moral of this story is you must brush and floss your teeth twice daily even though you have solid dental insurance medical coverage. If you’re brushing and flossing daily, but do not yet have dental insurance medical coverage, then come to us. Y’know, our site is networked with the best online dental insurance medical companies and when you deal with us you are assured of a super dental insurance medical coverage. Go ahead; take a dental insurance medical coverage from us; and carry on flossing and brushing!

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