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Funny Dental Insurance Articles

Jordie Punkett

Jordie has been writing comedy and winning awards for over a decade. Jordie has credits on many cartoons. Jordie is a comedic workaholic and in his free time Jordie really enjoys writing comedy for his favorite uncle, me. Jordie attributes the success of this discount dental insurance web site to himself so I have to take Jordie out for a steak dinner every time he is in town. These brilliantly funny dental insurance articles take the edge off of insurance. Jordie is quoted as saying "insurance provides you security, peace of mind, and will let you sleep well at night, what's not funny about that.
Check out these hilarious articles that will surely make you chuckle. Insurance can really make you laugh and hopefully you'll still be smiling after you see our free insurance quote

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Smile, America is saving money!