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Geda Addams is a 16-year old high school junior who covers her mouth whenever she walked in corridors. She also stretches her philtrum (or the area between the nose and mouth with two vertical lines) whenever she talks.

All things considered, she was the epitome of "weird" in its purest form. But something changed one day.

She began walking in corridors heads up and smiling at anything and anyone, looking like a model for a family dental insurance ad. In classes, she had that puppy-eyed smile plastered on her face. Her changes were so drastic, it alarmed even her teachers.

David Weir, her history teacher, made her stay in the room after class.

"Miss Addams," David began," are you... all right?..."

Geda smiled that family dental insurance smile again. "I'm all right."

David looked unconvinced. "Are you sure? You're not on drugs or anything?"

Geda's family dental insurance smile faded suddenly. She was indignant.

"Of course not. How could you ask? Aren't you glad my family dental insurance from is working?"

"Ms. Addams, am I supposed to believe your family dental insurance is the cause for your even more odd behavior these days?"

Geda plastered her family dental insurance smile again. She went on to explain that her behavior came to be when her front teeth got badly chipped from tripping over a banana peeling when she was still seven. She began smiling again after her elder sister Margaux, the banana peel culprit, got a family dental insurance to cover the cost of Geda's dental cap and their father's bridge work (his front teeth all fell off when he also tripped on his daughter's banana peel).

Now everything is well and we think Geda can breeze through high school with her family dental insurance plan. Geda, of course, can never tell the true story behind the family dental insurance plan: Margaux tripped on a banana peel that Geda deliberately placed at the door of her room, stepping up the pressure for a family dental insurance.

Margaux has new dentures now, thanks to the family dental insurance she got from us.

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