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Nothing Personal With Cheap Dental Insurance


Katrina Montes works at Search Engine Marketing firm. She's one of those lucky enough whose job is just to write in blogs and trash her clients' competitors in online forums.


She worked late one night on a forum for Cheap Dental Insurance, after writing about how women use toilet paper when they're using the bathroom.


Less than a minute after posting in the Cheap Dental Insurance forum, a reply came.


"Ho-ho-ho. Why do you say our dental insurance ain't so cheap? You're a naughty girl. You'll be getting coal for Christmas. -- Rudolph, Santa Cheap Dental Insurance"


Katrina almost choked on her own coffee. She knew it was the former officemate that she had the biggest crush on, but never got to date. She got attracted to him when he got out of their office's unisex bathroom just as she was about to get in.


Katrina replied just as quickly to Rudolph in the dental insurance forum.


"Try me, Rudolph. I've had clients complaining to us how much more they have to pay with your Cheap Dental Insurance. - Katrina,"


After a long five minutes, Rudolph's reply came.


"Are you sure about that Katrina? Or do you just want me to try you out? ;o) i can give that to you as a Christmas gift you know. Rudolph, Santa Cheap Dental Insurance"


Katrina felt the steam go out from her ears when she read Rudolph's message. She did remember asking Rudolph out on a Friday night, but he refused on the pretense of being sick. They bumped each other that night in a crowded bar.


But our heroine quickly recovered after that, and she's just as quick to recover on the written joust.


"No thanks, Rudolph. You might have taken a ride on the other Reindeers already. It really isn't sanitary, if you know what I mean. - Katrina,"


Then there was silence from Rudolph and Santa Cheap Dental Insurance... And more silence.


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