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Affordable Health Dental Insurance at Over Forty

Jed Meiers is discovering the sweet frustrations of not having an affordable health dental insurance.


He rues the day when his sister Zenia told him that forty is now the new thirty, because at 44 years old, he's had it with his truck driving job. He's suffering from a dental insecurity for months now - his front teeth got badly chipped when his teeth bumped on the steering wheel as he began to doze off while driving.


He didn't know he is NOT entitled to any affordable health dental insurance benefit until he talked to Human Resources.


Mark, the HR guy, was quite condescending when he asked Jed why he didn't know about the lack of affordable health dental insurance, when he's been working for the company for five years now. Jed was gnashing his teeth when he heard Mark condescend him about affordable health dental insurance.


"That's because I never had my teeth chipped 'til now, you idiot," Jed thought to himself. He could've punched Mark with those words, but Jed let them simmer inside.


He called his sister when he got home from his talk.

"Hey, sis...."

Zenia sounded genuinely surprised. "Hey, bro. What's up? Did I just convince you that forty is the new thirty?"

"Nope. But I will be convinced if you help me find affordable health dental insurance even without my company's help. I just learned we don't have any affordable health dental insurance."


Zenia chuckled. "That's easy, bro. I have an affordable health dental insurance with Cheap Dental Insurance. I can just get another plan for you, it won't be tied up to any company."


"YOU HAVE AFFORDABLE HEALTH DENTAL INSURANCE? Why didn't you tell me when you first saw my chipped teeth?!"

Jed couldn't see Zenia bite her nails, but he did hear the faintness in her voice.


"Well, you didn't ask if I had any affordable health dental insurance. And besides,I thought your had affordable health dental insurance at your company."


Jed couldn't help but let out a sigh. Oh sister.


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