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Marc's Affordable Dental Insurance Plan

Marc Nielsen was sipping coffee at Jerry's diner when he thought of a blueberry cheesecake. He wanted to order some, but the waitress told him that the last slice had been taken by the woman sitting in the booth behind him.


Marc turned around – it was Emily Lundstrom, who treated him to some cheesecake in high school. Marc remembers having a major toothache after that. Since he didn't have any affordable dental insurance plan at that time, Marc just gargled with hot water to ease the pain.


It's been ten years since. Marc has since gotten an affordable dental insurance plan. Looking at Emily from across the table, Marc thought there was something off about her. He tried to probe.


"So, Emily, how are you? Do you have any updates on your life now?"


Emily smiled.


"Nothing much has happened since high school. I'm working right now as a dental insurance agent."


That's when Marc figured it out. He thought Emily's teeth looked a bit too straight since he last saw her.


"So you sell affordable dental insurance plans? I guess you had some work done your teeth with your affordable dental insurance plan, huh?"


"Yeah. Got my teeth braced with my affordable dental insurance plan. Then I got them all pulled with the help of my affordable dental insurance plan. I'm all bridgework now. Did you see that my teeth look a bit too straight and a bit too white?"

Marc's teeth dropped.


"The braces were too tight, and I've always had too much cheesecake."

And so the story went. Emily tried to have Marc get an affordable dental insurance plan from her. Marc refused and said he was too happy with the the affordable dental insurance plan he got online from us here at Cheap Dental Insurance .


Marc thought the evil dentists were on the network of Emily's affordable dental insurance plan provider to have worn the braces too tight on Emily. When he got home, he took out his affordable dental insurance plan card and called us to check if Emily's dentist is on our network.

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