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Don't make the dentist rich Individual insurance Dental facts

Sign up for one of's three dental plans for as cheap as $11.95 a month per family. There is no waiting period. The benefits are available as soon as the plan becomes effective. Choose from dozens of different plans with national coverage.

We have individual and employer-based dental insurance plans where you can go to any dentist you choose. We also offer discounted fee-for-service coverage which are not "true" dental insurance plans but offer large savings for the consumer, using some of the largest discount dental networks in America.

For many families, dental expenses exceed all other medical costs. A root canal and crown can easily cost $800 to $1,000. Orthodontia on a few kids can really put you behind the eight ball. It is no wonder that is becoming quite popular. These "cheap" plans are available for individuals and groups.

We have three "cheap" dental plans available!

This is an affordable dental plan alternative to traditional dental insurance. The big savings will surely make you smile. This dental HMO option has over 30 dental plans nationwide featuring an extensive network of 100,000+ dentists. Lot's of options and a great plan for individuals.

Reimburses you per procedure. A national PPO dental insurance company with 72,000 dentists in the USA. This dental insurance company has negotiated lower fees from the dentist and you can enjoy the savings. There is also an option to go to a dentist that are not part of the network.

Our country's #1 deep discount dental plan. Five million members. 30,000 providers (and counting). Monthly charges start at $11.95 per month per family and large dental care discounts. 40-60% off your dentist's charges. This is our "cheapest dental insurance." The plan for the family.

Why shop at Folks, I am going to cut to the chase. These guaranteed plans will save you money. Firstly, you should be going to the dentist every six months. That is what my mom tells me. Many of us just forget about that six month rule. If you are forking over $11.95 per month which entitles your entire family to receive two office visits per year, free cleanings and free fillings, then you end up going to the dentist every six months. That squeaky "cheap" instinct in many of us force us to use what we pay for. Imagine the poor fellow who did not get around to visiting the dentist for many years and feels a pain in his tooth. You and I know that this fellow is in for the shock of his life. Root canals, crowns, drilling, anesthesia and a huge amount of money to pay that Cadillac driving dentist.

Let me tell you the second way will save you money. People are people, and people want choices. According to the American Dental Association there are 125,000 dentists in the United States. Between the three options listed above, we cover virtually every dental provider in the country. If you have a specific dentist that you are in love with. You cannot imagine another dental provider working on your mouth. Look up the dental provider's name in the three plans. For families it is recommended to start with the really cheap dental discount plan (plan 3), then discount dental coverage (plan 1) and finally the real dental insurance (plan 2). Individual applicants should skip plan 3 and go to plan 1.

I must tell you that is the one web site on the entire internet that offers so much choice in one place. We are actively recruiting affilliate marketers for our online enrollment dentalplans and are extremely generous in providing you, the consumer, with options for choosing a dental insurance plan. Thank you for visiting and good luck on choosing a suitable yet "cheap" dental insurance plan.